Who are the
California Young Republicans?

The California Young Republican Federation (CYRF) is an organization consisting of young professionals and political activists who are committed to a common sense approach to politics. We believe in the Republicans ideals of lower taxation, limited government, personal freedom and personal responsibility. CYRF promotes and supports the Republican Party by supporting our local chapters and their work in endorsing candidates, increasing Republican voter registration, participating in Get-Out-The-Vote efforts and encouraging our party’s youth to take a strong leadership role.

CYRF is a great place to meet other like minded conservatives and to directly affect elections in your community. We are always looking for new members and would love to connect you with our chapters for their next event!

CYRF Executive Committee

Scott Woodworth

State Chairman

Taylor Strand

Vice Chairwoman

Sarah Couch


Vernon Norman


Aly Silver

National Committeewoman

Morgan Kimbarow

National Committeeman

Joseph Bleckman

Northern Regional Vice Chairman

Jake Mizner

Central Regional Vice Chairwoman

Robert Petrosyan

Southern Regional Vice Chairwoman

Ariana Assenmacher

Executive Director

Karissa Willette

Communications Director

Kathyrn Sanchez

Finance Director

Bridget Mahoney

Membership Director

Megan DeSousa

Political Director

Elizabeth Haney

Volunteer Director

Alex Khan

General Counsel

Kevin Lin

Northern Area Director

Justin Charles

Southern Area Director

We are the Future

Be a Part Of the MOVEMENT

It’s up to us to recruit, train, and elect responsible, bold leaders that are passionate about furthering our God-given right to freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Click to connect!